Performance Events: CONDUCTION

Event Date: September 10, 2017 4PM-8PM









Fellows of Contemporary Art Office, 970 North Broadway, Suite 208, Los Angeles : Audience participation, readings, sound, and movement

Curated by Lynne Berman 

Sunday, September 10, 4-8pm

4:00 – 6:00pm Delta Lamenta, featuring artist Lynne Berman and poet Eve Luckring, will collect anonymous complaints from the public. In exchange, the artists will respond with a written response and a drawing for each submission. Participants are given the (free) "poem" written especially for them in reply to their particular complaint. A drawing is then made of the written response. A sculptural installation will display the complaints, written responses, and drawings as they accumulate throughout the event.

6:10 – 6:40pm Julie Shafer will be reading excerpts from her short Did ya get any good shots? Based upon her experiences creating photographs in the bayous.

6:50 – 7:20pm Alise Spinella and Geneva Skeen will perform a meditative duet of sound and mark-making, each responding to the other. The environment is recorded and layered in real-time, translated into gesture, and archived on paper. A dialogue across media emerges as both women communicate through the sensing body.

7:30 – 7:50pm Ashley Romano with musician Ari DeSano will present Crazymaker, combining movement and narrative to examine the monstrous feminine. Based on Romano’s and her family’s belief in the supernatural, the performance will reimagine the original wild woman, Bigfoot Patty.

Exhibition Dates: August 26– October 27, 2017: Curated by Lynne Berman

In Conduction, the artworks exhibited - sculpture, photography, installation, drawing, painting, and video - employ performance as a part of the works’ formation. The artist’s engagement with social space, subjects, place, narrative, and fabricated events is embedded within the art object. While performance art might seem to emphasize the immaterial, the works featured in this exhibition do not reside solely in actions. Rather, they are realized into material forms that can exist independently through implied, recorded, or referenced activities.

Deborah Aschheim invites participants to recall buildings from memory while she draws them from their description, somewhat like a police sketch artist drawing a crime suspect. Drawings and excerpts from the participants’ interviews are exhibited alongside a live performance where she makes drawings while interviewing participants about buildings they remember.

Phyllis Green’s sculptures are inspired by a verse in the Mundaka Upanishad. It advises a spiritual aspirant to approach a guru with wood on the head as the first step toward enlightenment. She crafts devices to assist in that walk that are both objects of contemplation and props for performance.

Delta Lamenta (Lynne Berman and Eve Luckring) performs in public places using writing, drawing, and installation to respond directly to audience complaints. Participants unburden themselves and then participate in a transformational exchange that spans wonder, surprise, and delight.

Lynne Berman takes her Complaint Center boxes wherever she travels and solicits written complaints in plazas, train stations, malls, marketplaces etc…that she later transcribes into drawings.

In Rachelle Rojany’s sculpture, the impish mythological fairy mates with the peripatetic as footsteps embedded in plaster trace a body moving over space, time, and form – be that form book, sculpture, exhibition space, or sky.

Julie Shafer’s photographs are portraits of landscapes formed over several days of submerging light sensitive paper in the bayous impacted by oil mining, contamination creating the image. Her short stories feature the psychological aspects of encounters that occur in the places she visits.

Alise Spinella's paintings are created in a meditative process using her body as an instrument to record sound through gesture. Her performance, in collaboration with sound artist Geneva Skeen, is a duet of live drawing and improvised sonic experience.

Liz Young’s installation, employing excerpts from literary sources that reference landscape and the human condition, uses sculptures as props for a multimedia performance evoking nature’s beauty and accompanying decay and loss.

Though dispersed across styles, methods, and intentions, these artists find common ground through their use of performative acts in the materialization and realization of the works they produce.
970 North Broadway, Suite 208, Los Angeles, CA 90012
Featuring work by: Deborah Aschheim, Lynne Berman, Phyllis Green,Delta Lamenta,Rachelle Rojany,Julie Shafer, Alise Spinella, Liz Young
Performance Events:
Saturday, August 26, 5-8pm

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