Publishing exhibition catalogues is an important element of support provided by the Fellows of Contemporary Art for emerging and mid-career California artists. FOCA has collaborated with curators, artists and museums to ensure the highest quality of more than thirty-five catalogs. These have included catalogs for many group shows and individual artists, such as Ed Moses, Vija Celmins, Lita Albuquerque, Eleanor Antin, Michael Brewster, Tom Knechtel and George Stone.

FOCA publications are sold in museums and bookstores nationwide and are highly respected by curators, artists, critics, and collectors. Also, FOCA donates a portion of its publications to underserved libraries and schools around the U.S. The name of each FOCA member appears in the exhibition publications, in order to acknowledge their combined efforts and philanthropy.

( 2016 )
Fellows of Contemporary Art Forms 990 (Federal) and 199 (California) for 2015

Attached as PDF's are Fellows of Contemporary Art filings as a tax exempt organization to the IRS and the California Franchise Tax Board for the calendar year 2015.

2015-foca_form-990 2015-foca_form-199


( 2016 )
Straddling the Boundaries by Ricardo Rodriguez

Download the catalog Straddling the Boundaries

In the contemporary art world one could easily think that every “medium” is in crisis. There is constant shifting and borrowing among disciplines. This is not a new way of approaching art-making, but artists are increasingly embracing diverse creative and presentational possibilities in order to enhance their ideas and concepts. The idea of layering and juxtaposing images with materials has been practiced since the “readymades” of Marcel Duchamp. But contemporary artists continue to explore the blurring boundaries between images, objects, process, and media in new and exciting ways.

This exhibition showcases the work of Colin Gray, Melissa Manfull, and Ricardo Rodríguez. Though they all grew up in different countries, there are commonalities in their approach to their work and conceptual interests. Paper and wood form elements of many of the works displayed – either in relation to drawing in the case of Manfull and Gray, or photography in Rodríguez’s work. At the same time, each explores landscapes in one way or another; either by investigating the structure of their media, or by deconstructing the location in which they live.

Melissa Manfull, Colin Gray and Ricardo Rodriguez’s works compose a distinctive exhibition which showcases a hybrid approach to creating and presenting artworks. By borrowing from various different media – two-dimensional and three-dimensional – these artists are straddling the boundaries between them, and liberating themselves from medium-specificity.


( 2016 )
FOCA 1975-2015

From 1975 to 2015, the ongoing commitment of Fellows of Contemporary Art has been to support and nurture emerging and mid-career California artists. In commemoration of the Fellows 40 year milestone, FOCA 1975-2015 was designed and written by members Don Chadwick, Pamela Smith, and Donna Gottlieb.

The publication chronicles not just the the dedication of Fellows chairs and members who worked on Curators Showcase, Curators Lab, and FOCA Fellowships but also the creativity and inspiration of the artists whose work was showcased and/or funded by Fellows of Contemporary Art over four decades.

A hard copy was distributed to members in January 2016. A link to the PDF version appears below which can be opened on both computers and mobile devices for immediate reference and/or printing.

FOCA 1975 2015

( 2014 )
John Altoon

Edited by Carol Eliel

Published by Los Angeles County Museum of Art, 2014

Hardbound, 136 pages, 10-1/2 x 8 inches, 117 full color illustrations

Recently members of the Fellows of Contemporary Art received a complimentary copy of the exhibition catalog JOHN ALTOON.

The catalog, which Fellows dues  helped fund, was published by the Los Angeles County Museum of Art in conjunction with the artist’s first major retrospective.  Carol S. Eliel, curator of modern art at LACMA included more than 70 works by this relatively unknown yet important Southern California artist in the exhibit.

As part of our primary mission, the Fellows of Contemporary Art sponsors exhibitions of emerging and mid-career California artists proposed by a California curator by underwriting costs of the exhibition including a scholarly catalog. Through these endeavors and the resulting catalogs the Fellows have established an impressive historical record of exhibitions of California artists and curators.

This particular exhibition was unusual for the Fellows as John Altoon died in 1969 at the age of 43. In 2013, the Board of Directors voted to give Ms. Eliel, a special exhibition award as John Altoon played an important role in the lives of many artists working today in southern California.

( 2012 )
Two Schools of Cool

ISBN-10: 3791351885
ISBN-13: 978-3791351889

Exhibition Catalog edited by Sarah C. Bancroft

Published by Prestel Publishing (January 20, 2012)

Paperback, 112 pages, 7.9 x 0.6 x 10 inches

Orange County Museum of Art

Representing contemporary artists from the last half century, this unique exhibition catalog captures the spirit of a daring experiment to pair California icons with their new millennium comrades. In the 1960s and 1970s a group of aesthetic adventurers transformed L.A. from cultural desert to artistic oasis. These West Coast artists, poets, dancers, filmmakers, and photographers fomented a creative outburst that rivaled New York City's. Nearly four decades later, Southern California remains a fertile ground for some of the most exciting and daring art being made today. This fascinating book accompanying an exhibition of the same name explores the two "Schools of Cool" in collaborative, intergenerational pairings between John Baldessari and Shana Lutker; Llyn Foulkes and Stanya Kahn; George Herms and Sarah Cain; Ed Moses and Robert Williams; and Allen Ruppersberg and Amanda Ross-Ho. These pairs have worked together on new, collaborative installations that reveal and transcend the shifts that have taken place in the art world in the past half century-including the increasing prominence of female artists, distinct methodologies and artistic practices, and the use of new technologies. This catalog features the five installations-including paintings and works on paper, sculptures and assemblages, audio-video and interactive installations-that are the result of these collaborations, as well as insightful interviews with the curator and with the artists in which the artists offer thoughts on their own work, their collaborative process, and their projects for the exhibition.

( 2009 )
Superficiality and Superexcrescence

ISBN-13: 978-0-911291-34-6

Edited by Elizabeth Pulsinelli and Meg Linton

Published by Otis College of Art and Design and FOCA

( 2007 )
Kori Newkirk 1997-2007

ISBN: 0-978-0-911291-33-9

Edited by Samir S. Patel

November, 2007. Exhibition Catalog

The Studio Museum in HarlemPasadena Museum of California Art

Softcover, 7.5×10 inches, 127 pp, 58 color reproductions

This catalogue, accompanying the exhibition, is the first major publication devoted to Newkirk’s work. It features essays by Huey Copeland, Dominic Molon and Deborah Willis, an interview by Thelma Golden with Kori Newkirk and a Foreward by Geoff Tuck. It was organized at the Studio Museum in Harlem by Ali Evans and Lauren Haynes.

( 2004 )

ISBN: 0-911291-32-6

Karen Moss

March 2004, Exhibition Catalog

San Francisco Art Institute

Spiral bound, vinyl soft cover

( 2003 )
Whiteness, A Wayward Construction

ISBN: 0-911291-31-8

Tyler Stallings

March 2003, Exhibition Catalog

Laguna Art Museum, Laguna Beach CA

Hardcover, 7.5×10 inches, 152 pp, 28 b&w and 28 color reproductions

What does it mean to be "white" in America and how have artists over the past decade explored and addressed this issue in their art? Whiteness, A Wayward Construction, is a thought provoking publication exploring the image WHITENESS of "whiteness" in the public imagination as seen through contemporary art, instead of through historical development. Author/curator Tyler Stallings’ brilliant selection of contemporary works from the political 1990’s movements establishes a deeper understanding regarding the overwhelming power that being "white" actually has over other races. Works by 26 artists are then grouped into three sections: "White Out", "Mirror, Mirror…", and the "Graying of Whiteness". Essays by David R. Roediger, Amelia Jones, and Ken Gonzalez-Day. A brilliant exhibition preserved in an elegantly designed publication.

( 2003 )
George Stone: Probabilities – A Twenty Year Survey

ISBN: 0-911291-30-X

Softcover, 8×10.5 inches, 80 pp, 99 color reproductions

This full-color catalog designed by Gail Swanlund for the exhibition at the Municipal Art Gallery at Barnsdall Art Park, focuses on the installation work of Los Angeles artist George Stone. His extensive use if discarded technologies found in surplus yards that are then re-engineered to represent complex wired-era metaphors make him a true pioneer in the expansion of our sculptural vocabulary. This first survey of Stone’s work includes writings by leading essayists Norman M. Klein, Peter Lunenfeld, Judith E. Vida, M.D., and Ralph Rugoff.

( 2002 )
On Wanting to Grow Horns: The Little Theatre of Tom Knechtel

ISBN: 0-911291-29-6

Exhibition Catalog edited by Ann Ayers

Hardcover with dust jacket, 12.25×9.25 inches, 128 pp, 44 b&w and 47 color reproductions

Tom Knechtel’s idiosyncratic oil paintings and drawings of mythical and theatrical characters have transformed the refinement and virtuosity of Renaissance "realism" into modern existential struggles and celebrations. A comprehensive and lushly illustrated 20 year survey of the artist’s rich career. Poetry by Amy Gerstler and Richard Howard.

( 2002 )
Michael Brewster: See Hear Now

ISBN: 0-911291-28-8

Softcover with CD-ROM, 8.25″x8.5″, 52 pp, 25 color reproductions

Exhibition Catalog

For the past three decades, light-space artist Michael Brewster has been making sound based sculptures. His use of sound as a medium enables him to stimulate audiences with a fresh awareness of their own ability to engage with works of art. Brewster’s sound based installations have been reproduced on the accompanying CD-ROM. A perfect match between sight and sound.

( 2001 )
Flight Patterns

ISBN: 0-914357-76-X

( 1999 )
Memory, Matter, and Modern Romance

ISBN: 0-911291-26-1

Bruce and Norman Yonemoto, Exhibition Catalog

( 1999 )
Eleanor Antin

ISBN: 0-911291-27-X

( 1997 )
Scene of the Crime

ISBN: 0-262-68099-8

( 1995 )
Llyn Foulkes: Between a Rock and a Hard Place

ISBN: 0-911291-24-5

Softcover, 9×12 inches, 112 pp, 40 full-color and 7 b&w reproductions

Who says there’s no dark side to Los Angeles? This major retrospective of the work of Southern California painter Llyn Foulkes proves otherwise, with mordant fantasies and satiric wit in edgy, beautifully executed paintings and assemblages. Only Foulkes would paint a child comforting her angst-ridden father, who wears a Superman costume under his shirt, or the Lone Ranger dying of laughter at the feet of Mickey Mouse in Western schoolmarm drag.

( 1995 )
Kim Abeles: Encyclopedia Persona

ISBN: 0-911291-22-9

Rare and out of print

( 1994 )
Plane / Structures

ISBN: 0-911291-23-7

Softcover, 11×8.5 inches, 64 pp, 16 halftone and color reproductions

Essays by David Pagel, Dave Hickey, and Joe Scanlan

( 1991 )
Roland Reiss: A Seventeen Year Survey

ISBN: 0-911291-19-9

Softcover, 11×9 inches, 96 pp, 17 duotone and 64 color plates

( 1991 )
Facing The Finish. Some Recent California Art

ISBN: 0-911291-18-0

Softcover, 11×8.5 inches, 62 pp, 20 color reproductions

( 1990 )
Lita Albuquerque: Reflections

ISBN: 0-911291-17-2

( 1989 )
The Pasadena Armory Show

ISBN: 0-911291-16-4

( 1988 )
Jud Fine

ISBN: 0-911291-15-6

Softcover, 8.5×11 inches, 48 pp, 28 halftone and 4 color reproductions

( 1987 )
Variations III: Emerging Artists in Southern California

ISBN: 0-911291-13-X

Softcover, 9×12 inches, 79 pp, 32 halftone and 24 color reproductions

( 1987 )
Perpetual Motion

ISBN: 0-911291-14-8

Softcover, 9×12 inches, 96 pp, 70 duotone and 16 color reproductions


( 1986 )
William Brice

ISBN: 0-911291-12-1

Softcover, 9×12 inches, 105 pp, 32 duotone and 52 color reproductions

( 1985 )
Sunshine and Shadow: Recent Painting in Southern California

ISBN: 0-911291-10-5

Softcover, 8.25″ x 8.25″, 75 pp, 17 halftone and 12 color reproduction

( 1985 )
James Turrell: Occluded Front

ISBN: 0-932499-10-4

Rare and out of print

( 1984 )
Martha Alf Retrospective

ISBN: 0-911291-09-1

( 1983 )
Variations II: Seven Los Angeles Painters

ISBN: 0-911291-08-3

Softcover, 10×10 inches, 51 pp, 36 halftones and 7 color reproductions


( 1982 )
Changing Trends, Content and Style

ISBN: 0-911291-00-8

Softcover, 9×11 inches, 84 pp, 30 duotone and 12 color reproductions

( 1981 )
Paul Wonner

ISBN: 0-911291-07-5

Softcover, 10×10 inches, 72 pp, 43 duotone and 9 color reproductions

( 1981 )
Craig Kauffman. A Comprehensive Survey 1957-1980

ISBN: 0-911291-06-7

Softcover, 8.5×11 inches, 96 pp, 35 duotones and 7 color reproductions

( 1980 )
Wallace Berman Retrospective

Rare and out of print

( 1980 )
Variations: Five Los Angeles Painters
( 1980 )
Proof: Los Angeles Art and the Photograph, 1960-1980

ISBN: 0-911291-20-2

Rare and out of print

( 1979 )
Vija Celmins – A Survey Exhibition

ISBN: CC# 79-92204

Rare and out of print

( 1977 )
Unstretched Surfaces. Los Angeles – Paris

ISBN: 0-911291-02-4

Softcover, 8.5×11 inches, 47 pp, 29 halftone reproductions, English and French text

( 1976 )
Ed Moses Drawings – 1958-1976

Rare and out of print