Hadley Holliday; 2013 Curators Lab Co-Curator at POST

HADLEY HOLLIDAY from All the Flowers at LACMA, p. 16 (Netherlands, Assyria, Egypt, European porcelain), Palm fronds and plant debris from my yard, sand, and pebbles from Moonstone Beach. 2016, Cyanotype and pencil on paper

Hadley Holliday, co-curator and exhibitor in FOCA’s 2013 Curators Lab “Garden Party”  is curating a show "Superbloom"  at POST  with an opening reception on Wednesday July 5 from 7-9  PM
Exhibited in the show is Holliday's work along with work by Britt Browne, Carolyn Castaño, Jason David, Emily Joyce, Jarrett Mellenbruch, Melanie Nakaue, Laurie Nye, Jay Stuckey,.

The reception features live music by Thomas Burkhardt, Jim Ovelmen,  and Jay Stuckey,

A harsh, arid landscape comes alive with a brief explosion of flora.
A rare desert show of abundance.
Color fields framed by mountains.
Dormant seeds germinate, roots develop, KABLOOM!

1206 Maple Ave. #515
Los Angeles, CA 9001