Topographies features representations that reference terrains ranging from the rural to the aural to the wholly imaginary. Sharing an interest in strategies of mapping, marking, and delineating specific sites, the artists of Topographies employ a wide range of artistic forms to highly individualized ends, including photography, drawing, painting, sculpture, installation, public intervention, video, and site specific work.

The exhibition includes work by John Baldessari, Allan Kaprow, Ed Ruscha, Charbel Ackermann, Jessica Bronson, Bull.Miletic, Ingrid Calame, Simon Evans, David Hinman, Charles La Belle, Young Kim, Sabina Ott, Rigo 23, Lordy Rodriguez, John Roloff, Adam Ross, San Francisco Bureau of Urban Secrets (led by SFAI faculty Jeannene Przyblyski), Susan Silton, Alex Slade, Shirley Tse, Tam Van Tran, and Anna Von Mertens.