“Witty and Urbane”

July 10, 2015

Fellows of Contemporary Art Curators Lab presents Witty and Urbane, Curated by Kristi Lippire.


How do we as human beings respond to the Metropolitan structure? What are the aspects of living in the city of Los Angeles we find so compelling? What does it mean to live within generations of images and visual detritus from many different cultures?  Witty and Urbane, is a five-person exhibition curated by Kristi Lippire which reflects on the complexity of overlapping urban fragmentation and development with humor and curiosity.  Exhibiting artists include Kristi Lippire, Susan Logoreci, Melissa Manfull, Dana Maiden and Erin Payne.

To live in a city structure is to live as a collective. The fluid movement of people, businesses and neighborhoods allows for the coexistence of differences.  These artists attempt to level out any hierarchies by their interests in diverse urban elements. The work in this exhibition researches a variety of historical, social and cultural subjects and ranges from photography to sculpture and drawing.

On Sunday, June 28th there will be an all-day, multi-venue event in conjunction with the exhibition. Each artist will be leading a participatory activity related to how they explore the city of Los Angeles. Starting at the FOCA gallery in Chinatown, Melissa Manfull will help guests print their own silkscreened map of the day’s events and of other points of interest in North-East Los Angeles. Erin Payne will be constructing floating biodegradable structures at the LA River near Marsh Street Nature Park.  Susan Logoreci is showing visitors how to use their own cell phones to take personal aerial photographs in Lincoln Park. Dana Maiden will be setting up her photo-sculpture Think Tank in El Sereno where for the same price as a bag of fruit, participants will receive a bag of chopped up photographs, which they can use to create a collaborative collage. Kristi Lippire will host an open studio in El Sereno. Come see her space and the workspace of her colleagues in the former Post Office of El Sereno. There will be a post-event reception at the open studio 4 – 7pm.

Sunday, June 28th Event from 11am – 7pm:

  • Melissa Manfull map printing workshop at FOCA 970 N Broadway, Suite 208,  11am – 1pm
  • Erin Payne workshop at the LA River, Marsh Street Nature Park,  12pm – 2pm
  • Susan Logoreci, Aerial photography with cellphones at Lincoln Park,  1pm – 3pm
  • Dana Maiden, Fruit Cart in El Sereno 4822 South Huntington,  2pm – 4 pm
  • Kristi Lippire, open studio and ending reception, 3316 Eastern Ave, El Sereno,  4pm – 7pm

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