The Small Loop Show Walk-through and Artist Discussion

Event Date: October 28, 2012

A gallery walk-through and discussion with a few of the participating artists included in The Small Loop Show took place at the FOCA exhibition.  The artists who discussed their works were Anne Hieronymus, Miyoshi Barosh, William Ransom, John Luckett, Doug Harvey and China Adams.

Small Loop Show talk at FOCA; Photo by Daniel Lara
Small Loop Show talk at FOCA; Photo by Daniel Lara

Artist China Adams’ first curatorial project is composed of two parts, The Loop Show and The Small Loop Show.  The pair of shows brings together a group of artists whose work collectively presents a vision of the art object as something rich and vibrant born of cast off materials, the things we are leaving behind. The exhibition features sculpture, painting, video, and collage by Miyoshi Barosh, Christian Cummings, Amy Drezner, Mark Dutcher, Doug Harvey, Anne Hieronymus, Elisabeth Higgins O’Connor, Robert Larson, John Luckett, Nuttaphol Ma, Stephen McCabe, William Ransom, Don Suggs, Christine Wertheim, Alexis Zoto, and China Adams.

The Small Loop Show is the second half of a pair of exhibitions that focus on artists who have an established, working relationship with reused materials.  While the first Loop Show featured large-scale works, The Small Loop Show features the work of the same artists on a small-scale.

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