Curator’s Lab: “All Time Greatest” final reception and concert

Event Date: February 19, 2010

[ By Geoff Tuck ]  [ Photo by Carlyn Aguilar ]

Friday night we left work at 7:30 and dashed north on Figueroa, east on 1st and north on Broadway to the FOCA office for the All Time Greatest closing party, where the beautifully well-voiced (and operatically trained) Simon Leung sang Valsahalal's Tin Gun, a 2002 composition by Stephanie Taylor. Taylor's songs frequently have rhyming as a motif and in fact often the lyrics are written using a formula that exchanges syllables with rhymes - building words and allowing these choices to further the narrative. There's one insistent theme built around the Valsahalal sound-phrase that's repeated throughout the song and builds in power with each repetition. I should say "through each repetition" because while the sound volume doesn't vary much the repetition itself turns up the volume in one's head.

Brendan Fowler as Steven/Stephen played a (I'm not sure what to call a purposefully organized stream of sound and music samples) using an SP 404 Sampler. Here's a sample of my notes: 73 - 92 - 73 - 77 - 102 - SP 404 machine - muscle in forearm (tightening rhythmically) - sound repetition then hesitation - does his body do something (to the music?) - cool stoppages - Minor Threat chord! - 88 - 120 - 91 - piano playing - constantly rearranging (his equipment and his body in space) - Dif Juz quote? - repetition - human voice: "you can't listen when you insert yourself" - the end. (all in no particular order) Enthusiastic applause!

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