6H to 8B: Collaborative Drawing Circle

Event Date: October 24, 2015

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"6H to 8B" Curators Lab exhibition curator, Sydney Croskery, brought together twelve of the exhibition's artists, members of the public and FOCA Members together on Saturday, October 24 for a "Collaborative Drawing Circle" event.  Accompanied by Sydney's music play list, we all enjoyed whiling away the afternoon letting ourselves draw freely with all manner of charcoal and pencils.  Some created "masterpieces", some created cartoons, some started a "story", then passed their drawing along for the next person to add their particular inspiration.  Ages 4 to 75 participated, and all enjoyed the day.  Great idea, Sydney!

2-2_2The exhibition continues until Thursday November 13, 2015  featuring graphite and charcoal works by:

Chloe Boleyn
Colin Cook (with Bill Shambaugh)
Brian Cooper
Sydney Croskery
Tony de los Reyes
Michael Dee
John Geary
Tanya Haden
Kiel Johnson
Susan Logoreci
Claudia Parducci
Yuval Pudik
Antonio Puleo
Rob Reynolds
Aili Schmeltz
Marissa Textor
Eric Yahnker

6H to 8B presents graphite and charcoal works by artists living in Los Angeles. Referring to the density range of graphite and charcoal pencils, 6H to 8B presents drawings, sculpture and animation in a spectrum of styles, spanning from photo-realism to abstraction. Demonstrating the multiple possibilities of charcoal and graphite, these works address ideas of comedy, violence, awkwardness, nostalgia and the politics of the present.

In our age of technological spectacle, these artists bring contemporaneity to a seemingly anachronistic medium and practice. The use of grey-scale, like a black and white photograph, becomes a signifier of history and nostalgia, and serves as a vehicle to imbue emotional and psychological depth. Without the punch of color, these works bring a complex gravity to their subject matter, whether tragedy or comedy.

6H to 8B links the work of 17 Los Angeles artists with very different practices and a full spectrum of styles, all who have a strong practice in drawing. Included are photo-realist works by Colin Cook (with Collaborator Bill Shambaugh), John Geary, Marissa Textor and Eric Yahnker; representational works by Sydney Croskery, Susan Logoreci, Rob Reynolds, and Yuval Pudik; lyrical realism by Chloe Boleyn, Brian Cooper, and Kiel Johnson; animation by Tanya Haden; sculpture by Michael Dee; and conceptual abstraction works by Tony de los Reyes, Claudia Parducci, Antonio Puleo and Aili Schmeltz. These artists examine contemporary complexities with the use of the most rudimentary of art materials.

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