Fellows of Contemporary Art (FOCA) is a non-profit, independent, and membership-based organization that supports contemporary art in California.

Founded in 1975, FOCA is a direct outgrowth of a support group that was previously associated with the Pasadena Art Museum. Today, our 150-plus memberships come from all parts of California and other states. The membership dues support FOCA’s missions.

FOCA’s MISSION is to support emerging and mid-career California artists through awards, exhibitions, including accompanying catalogues, and diverse educational events for its members.

2018 Fellows of Contemporary Art Board of Directors

2018 Board

 Chair Donna Gottlieb
Vice Chair Judith Tuch
Treasurer Christine From
Secretary Jan Cobert
Curators Award Chair Sharon Darnov
FOCAFellowships Chair Rosalyn Firemark
FOCAFellowships Co-Chair Gina Posalski
Curators Lab Chair Noriko Fujinami
Curators Lab Co-Chair Tressa Miller
Membership Chair Connie McCreight
Membership Co-Chair Linda Camras
Local Tours Chair Sandra Nichols
Local Tours Chair Matt Scheele
OC Tours Chairs Ann and Bob Myers
Salon Chair Linda Maggard
Salon Co-Chair Suzette Wachtel
Int’l & Nat’l Tours Chair Ellen Buchanan
Int’l & Nat’l Tours Chair Beth Rosenbloom
Special Events Chair Janice Wallace
Special Events Chair Anne Brilliant
Member at Large JoAnn Bourne
Member at Large Bonnie Levin Friedman
Member at Large Lory Johansson
Archivest Pam Smith
Immediate Past Chair Linda Maggard

Ex-officio “Web Wrangler”  Charlotte Chamberlain



We accomplish our mission through Artist Programs concentrated in three areas:

  1. Curators Award — Sponsors exhibitions of California artists proposed by one or more California curators that are held in major museums and other art venues. FOCA underwrites the cost of the exhibitions’ scholarly catalogues and other documentation. Through this endeavor, FOCA has established an impressive historical record of the work of California artists and curators.
  1. FOCAFellowship — Funds unrestricted grants to two or more mid-career artists in recognition of their significant and ongoing contributions to art in California.
  1. Curators Laboratory Exhibition — Underwrites exhibitions and documentation proposed by emerging curators whose work is shown at our space in Chinatown.

We also accomplish our mission through Member Programs that include these diverse educational and social events:

  1. National and International Tours — Organizes multiple national and international trips for members that focus on contemporary art events, including biennials and fairs, artists’ studios, galleries, art centers, museums, and private collections.
  1. Local Tours — Organizes visits to artists’ studios, galleries, private and public collections, other art venues, and museums, that include discussions with artists, curators, and guest speakers.
  1. Sunday Salons — Offers an intimate setting for art conversations and other creative art interactions.
  1. Special Events –- Hosts an Annual Membership Gala and a Summer Party.
  1. Prospective Member Receptions – Hosts one or two art functions annually to attract new members.

All FOCA activities are organized by our dynamic and engaged membership base.

Membership requires sponsorship by two existing members.  Every proposed member must have a primary and secondary sponsor, and be approved by the Board of Directors.

For more information please visit our website at www.focala.org, call our office at (213) 808-1008, or send an email to foca@focala.org. Questions relating to Membership, email membership@focala.org.


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