Since 1975,  Fellows of Contemporary Art has been active in funding and promoting contemporary artists, exhibitions, and publications by  emerging and mid-career California artists, as well as in organizing local, national, and international tours of collections and exhibitions.

Upcoming Events

Artist Programs

Sponsoring California artists, curators, their exhibitions, and activities is at the heart of FOCA’s mission. We accomplish this in three ways–the Curators Award Exhibition, the Curators Lab Exhibition, and FOCAFellowships. We also like to keep track of the activities of our sponsored artists on the  Fellows Artists Updates page.

Curators LAB

Every other year FOCA awards unrestricted grants to mid career artists in recognition of their contributions to and impacts on California art.

Curators AWARD

Every other year curators are invited to submit exhibition proposals. These proposals are carefully reviewed by the Curators Award Committee, and a few are selected to make onsite presentations. The winning proposal is given the Curators Award to realize and present the exhibition.

Curators LAB

The Curators Lab Exhibition greatly enhances FOCA’s goals by reaching out to and funding young curators who will present exhibitions in support of a curatorial thesis.